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Experiment in Terror

USA, 1962

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Kelly Sherwood is terrorized by a man with an asthmatic voice who plans to use her to steal $100,000 from the bank where she works. He threatens to kill her teenage sister Toby, if she tells the police. However she manages to contact F.B.I. agent Ripley.

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Experiment in Terror Regie Blake Edwards


With “Experiment in Terror,” Edwards, working in the familiar genre of criminal depravity, does something that may well be, for Hollywood, unprecedented: he makes a virtual piece of film criticism in movie form.
October 07, 2015
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If Blake Edwards’s expertly made but jejune 1962 thriller is any indication, times were simpler in early-Sixties San Francisco… Even more appealing than the film’s visual style (a pan revealing dozens of mannequins or a close-up of an unsettling toy tiger) and cozy settings (smoky nightclubs and hushed movie houses) is its quaint notion of the FBI as an affable helpmate in times of trouble.
May 02, 2013
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