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Faithful Heart

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Regie Jean Epstein
Frankreich, 1923
Liebesfilm, Stummfilm

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Marie wants to escape from her job and also from her lover, Paul, an unemployed drunk. She dreams of going off with Jean, a dockworker. The two men quarrel and fight over Marie on two occasions, but Paul retains a hold over her.

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Faithful Heart Regie Jean Epstein


This poetic approach seems to me essential in portraying human misery. If all we are offered is a photographic record, the effect is depressing at best and exploitative at worst. With an allusive, indirect and poetic approach, the film itself demonstrates the fact that life need not be like this. A reason to take up the struggle is provided.
February 20, 2014
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The film is chiefly, and justly, famous for a virtuoso set-piece at a village carnival, a luscious riot of images that add up not to elation but to deadening panic. The shots of eerie, animated figures… the storms of confetti; the dizzying blur of the world swinging by as the camera rides a merry-go-round; the ever-accelerating montage of machinery and jostling crowds, could be merely showy if it didn’t all revolve—literally—around Marie and Little Paul sitting on the merry-go-round…
January 06, 2014
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