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USA, 1967
Dokumentarfilm, Musik

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A documentary film about the Newport Folk Festival. Filmed over the course of three festivals at Newport (1963-1965), the film features performances by Johnny Cash, Peter Yarrow, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul and Mary, Odetta, Bob Dylan, and many others.

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Festival Regie Murray Lerner

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Venice Film Festival

1967 | Gewinner: San Giorgio Prize

Academy Awards

1968 | Nominiert: Best Documentary, Features


For a citizen of 2017, the most poignant recurring image in Festival might be of the audience at the Newport Folk Festival, gathered around listening intently to the concert performances. Shot over the course of three festivals from 1963-1966, the film features a society that’s a ways away from cellphones and iPads. And the sight of people directly engaging with something in front of them, their attention largely undivided by ceaseless advertisements and vendors, suggests a lost communal oasis.
September 28, 2017
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One of the most powerful things Lerner does in Festival is to crystallize this strange, omnipresent anxiety—a sense, among the crowd, that nothing is guaranteed, including anyone’s tomorrow. It’s hard, watching Festival now, not to take a curious kind of comfort in this reminder that, only fifty years ago, the American experiment felt just as unstable, and the future just as tenuous, as it does today.
September 12, 2017
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Lerner spends way too much time soliciting remarks from the musicians about the appeal of folk music, then crams in a lot of performances toward the end. Still, the film bears witness to a remarkable, giddy era.
January 01, 1980
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