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Finis terrae

Regie Jean Epstein
Frankreich, 1929

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On the windswept and sea battered Breton coast two young sailors make their livelihood collecting seaweed, on an offshore island they burn the seaweed to harness its chemicals.

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Finis terrae Regie Jean Epstein


In the late 1920s, Epstein began an extraordinary series of films in Brittany, mostly working with nonactors. The first was the starkly poetic “End of the World” (“Finis Terrae,” 1929), a simple story about men who burn seaweed on a desolate island for part of the year, living amid wind, smoke and fog.
February 01, 2016
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The opening of the film is pure Epstein: the otherworldly atmosphere evoked by hypnotic images of rocks, waves, and smoke; the dreamy languor of movement created by slight over-cranking; the jump-cuts to close-ups of faces and objects that are at once astonishingly tactile and suffused with intense but ambiguous feeling; the enigmatic sequence of images that creates less a visual narrative than a visual poem—or puzzle.
January 06, 2014
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