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Regie Bruno Dumont
Frankreich, 2006
Drama, Kriegsfilm

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Demester divides his time between his farm and walks with Barbe, his childhood friend. He loves her secretly. Along with others his age, Demester leaves to be a soldier in a war in a far off land. Barbarity, camaraderie and fear turn Demester into a warrior. Will love save Demester?

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[Dumont’s] habit of alternating close shots with extreme long shots and his singularly unsentimental way of showing sex are as distinctive as ever.
August 17, 2007
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The film arrives at a familiar conclusion — that war is hell — but the getting there is made uniquely unsettling by Dumont’s relentlessly anti-psychological disposition. In his best films, of which this is one, he views mankind the way some future civilization might: with great curiosity, from a cautious distance, and ultimately as one more species in the vast animal kingdom.
June 06, 2007
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[Mr. Dumont’s] sensibility is decidedly on the dark side of the moon, morose to the extreme, grimly and anti-erotically sensual—and yet with a redeeming compassion for his characters and an impressive grasp of cinematic expression.
May 22, 2007
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