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Die Vier um die Frau

Regie Fritz Lang
Deutschland, 1921

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The stock speculator Yquem constantly suspects infidelity of his guiltless and virtuous wife. Seeking to purchase a gift for her, he goes to a sleazy criminal hangout and uses counterfeit money to buy jewelry from a dangerous thief.

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Die Vier um die Frau Regie Fritz Lang


Even when depicting the lifestyles of the rich Lang’s mise-en-scene never quite approaches the delirious, almost surreal decadence of contemporaries such as Erich von Stroheim or Josef von Sternberg. His tableaus reveal an incredible adeptness for the tactile rendering of public spaces.
March 11, 2014
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The opening shot of “Four Around the Woman” (1921) seems to announce the arrival of Lang’s mature, geometric visual style.
November 09, 2012
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