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  1. Alex Flores's rating of the film Free Solo

    Two stars for the vocal fry and lack of storytelling. Irritating as hell.

  2. diiiiogorocha's rating of the film Free Solo

    A meio do filme comecei a pensar na teoria de que existem pessoas que entram em profissões ou têm hobbies extremamente perigosos (exemplo: free solo, forças armadas, etc.) propositadamente, pois sentem que não têm nada a perder e caso morram ao exercer a profissão/hobby morrem como um mártir.

  3. Criteriamor's rating of the film Free Solo

    Congrats to this guy first. This review is to list some unwittingly exposed toxic masculinity in the subculture. 1. The main character wanting to toss his girlfriend because she dropped a rope. 2. The main character's friend blaming said girlfriend for the main character's injuries/hinting that they should break up, because girls are an extra burden. 3. The main character's inability to express himself emotionally.

  4. OLIVER-J's rating of the film Free Solo

    an exhilarating documentary and fantastic portrait of Alex Honnold regardless of one's interest in rock climbing.

  5. etilen's rating of the film Free Solo

    Anyone can be happy and cosy. Nothing good happens in the world by being happy and cosy.

  6. Trunfos's rating of the film Free Solo

  7. Renton47's rating of the film Free Solo

    Admittedly there is a limit to how much I can invest in a film like FS. Invest may be the wrong word - I was as edge-of-the-seat tense as anyone - but extreme sports docs live way larger on the screen than they do in the mind. It's terrifically compiled with seemingly little drone footage, but I wanted some probing that couldn't arise with his friends behind the camera.

  8. carlosleite's rating of the film Free Solo

  9. BRAND UPON THE BRAIN!'s rating of the film Free Solo

    I don't think this is a great film, but the stakes kind of force you to be invested in this psychopath's privileged conquest.

  10. ruipsoliveira's rating of the film Free Solo

  11. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Free Solo

    A pure testament to the awe-inspiring capabilities of humanity. We all know he didn't die, but I was still freaking out the whole time he was climbing. What's even more interesting is seeing how Alex's background tied into his motivations for climbing El Cap in the first place. It's like a beautifully crafted character study.

  12. Aurora's rating of the film Free Solo

    Puedo debatir acerca del tratamiento, ya que lo ficcional que posee en su poco documental lo hace un poco sobreactuado, pero la verdad es que no volverè a ver a los escaladores de la misma manera, gracias a este docu-ficciòn se convirtieron para mi en unos científicos de este deporte poco valorado.

  13. OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Free Solo

    Gripping, palm-sweat inducing and full of vertigo-drone, free solo is an upbeat, inspiring character study of a unique individual living right on the edge of death and the astounding level of single-minded drive needed to accomplish the unfathomable. 3.5 stars

  14. Aardsy's rating of the film Free Solo

  15. Mister Monkeyman's rating of the film Free Solo

    An astonishing achievement captured for posterity. The hair raising footage of the feat are balanced by the effort to get inside the skull of the man and to ask what kind of personality is capable of committing to such a foolhardy project.

  16. Zac Weber's rating of the film Free Solo

    It's often awe-inspiring and I was frequently wiping the sweat off my hands as I watched. The cinematography puts you right next to Alex as he makes his next perilous move up the cliff. His girlfriend adds a human element to the film that brings it all back down to ground level. As far as the Academy Award -- I still think it should have gone to Hale County.

  17. Mic-kosh-ka's rating of the film Free Solo

  18. Malt Frisky's rating of the film Free Solo

    A film is doing something right when you get vertigoesque cinematography shots that make your palms instantly sweat. Criticism has been towards Alex's robot emotions but it does delve into a psychological aspect that you have to have a detachment of emotions to do this sort of thing. Would have like more history on El Captain and it's climbers and other free solo climbers but this is Honnold's hour and achievement.

  19. sadie's rating of the film Free Solo

    how many years does it take to figure out to shoot him with a long ass lens.

  20. vordven's rating of the film Free Solo

  21. Heng Houch's rating of the film Free Solo

  22. Sin título.'s rating of the film Free Solo

  23. Pancho Legaspi's rating of the film Free Solo

    pls don't fall –in love(?)–

  24. HKFanatic's rating of the film Free Solo

    A riveting documentary and great human interest story, "Free Solo" left me white-knuckled for much of its duration. Armchair critics can debate whether Alex Honnold's actions are reckless or foolhardy; to me, his endeavor represents one of the most impressive human achievements during my lifetime. Even so, the film endeared him to me enough that I can't help but hope Alex keeps his feet on the ground for awhile.

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