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  1. Henrique Barbosa Justini's rating of the film Von Osten

    no deserto histórico, não há possibilidade de uma equação sublime ou uma estética que consiga minuciar questões antropológicas. só há rastros e resquícios de povos dizimados pelo capital. povos que, de alguma forma, ainda vivem.

  2. Seesaw's rating of the film Von Osten

    Like a slow Siberian train flows besides the walls of comrades. Must see it in the theater.

  3. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Von Osten

  4. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Von Osten

    CINEMA, 16mm _ This makes you want to discuss over again the question of length. But there is no shortcut for it and that is the best way to document something. Of course it can be boring to some. Especially if you grew up with bad TV habits. But this is educational and essential for the way you look at things. And the long trademark traveling shots reminded me of those made in NYC 16 years earlier. Magic.

  5. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Von Osten

    A rigorous look at a post-Cold War world. I love the way Chantal Akerman blurs the line between reality and fiction, perhaps reflecting the state of mind that people were in at this time, allowing for her subjects to look directly into the camera and wave. Simultaneously, this acts as a critique on contemporary docs and embraces the "artifice". Brilliant!

  6. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Von Osten

    this collection of silent static long shots with no comments, is unwatchable nowadays

  7. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Von Osten

    this is a cinematic experience. the cinematograpy is overwhelming.

  8. Landen Celano's rating of the film Von Osten

    Does not adhere to space or time.

  9. David R Williams's rating of the film Von Osten

    Reminded me of Buffalo, New York in the 70s - a city in a perpetual state of collapse held together by the sheer force of will - and bullheadedness - of its citizens. An almost anti-travelogue. You really wouldn't want to visit would you?

  10. ihor's rating of the film Von Osten

    The grayness of post-Soviet society and perception of otherness looking at peoples living distinctly human lives yet lives often distinctly distorted from the perceived "normality" of advanced Western existence is channeled in Akerman's quasi documentary. Rarely, if at all, does she show a smile or a bright picturesque landscape. A failed empire and it's people waiting with uncertainty for what comes next.

  11. Erik F.'s rating of the film Von Osten

    Captures a general atmosphere of uncertainty and melancholia, but it's hardly a "sublime masterpiece" (MUBI's words). Lots of tracking shots of miserable-looking people in miserable-looking locations, if that sort of thing strikes you as insightful.

  12. David Richards's rating of the film Von Osten

    A bit long, and a bit repetitive. I do appreciate films that give the viewer the leisure and freedom to explore an image without being jerked from one thing to another by manipulative camera work or fast editing. However, this strategy works best when the viewer is given interesting things to look at. I did like the landscapes and cityscapes and views inside the living spaces of ordinary people.

  13. El Biffo's rating of the film Von Osten

    I kept hoping the bus would come.

  14. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Von Osten

    (1/2 star) Nope. Not for me. I'll leave Akerman to others. I'm only annoyed at the time wasted. Moving on.

  15. Diderot's rating of the film Von Osten

    Documentary as mobile portrait of landscapes and faces, taking very seriously (perhaps too seriously) Godard's notion that tracking shots are a question of morality.

  16. Noli Manaig's rating of the film Von Osten

    Literally a tracking shot of the early days after the tearing down of the Iron Curtain. A documentary without words, with some moments presumably staged. Faces look long. Little sign of euphoria. A few faces may have a hint of a self-conscious smile, but overall, the feeling is that of wariness of the probing camera. An old reflex? Like a Foucaldian optic, the lens has the effect of a panoptic eye.

  17. dr0nestar's rating of the film Von Osten

    such wonderful tracking shots. Perhaps a bible for Harvard's sensory ethnography lab

  18. Nadin's rating of the film Von Osten

    Really good film. My first Akerman film and I loved it. I see many parallels to the films of Béla Tarr. More thoughts on my blog:

  19. Marc St-Cyr (Death cinéphilia)'s rating of the film Von Osten

    Les « laissés-pour-compte » de l'Europe.

  20.'s rating of the film Von Osten

    A common critique I've seen lobbed at structuralist films is that in their quest for a sublime equation of form and content they end up overly neat and thus inert (or "gimmicky" if you wanna be a jerk about it). But D'Est… is sublime…

  21. luciapaga's rating of the film Von Osten

  22. TheCentralRuhr's rating of the film Von Osten

    Beautifully evocative with a clear respect for its locations and temporality - unlike so many other "let's capture this moment for history" documentaries. D'Est manages to simultaneously reflect with sincerity and subtle awareness on globalization and the ephemerality of culture.

  23. Stevie's rating of the film Von Osten

    The tracking shots...unbelievably haunting. I love the sense created by Akerman of the Russians waiting, unsure of what their future now holds following the collapse of the Soviet Union. I'd love to make this kind of film myself.

  24. nadka's rating of the film Von Osten

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