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Die Viererbande

La bande des quatre

Frankreich, Schweiz, 1989

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Vier Schauspielschülerinnen in Paris und ein rätselhafter Fremder: ein Film voller Geheimnisse über das Theater, das Leben, die Frauen und die Liebe, wundersam und meisterhaft verwoben.

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Die Viererbande Regie Jacques Rivette
Rivette has tendencies similar to David Lynch in that he bends realism with supernatural elements through gesture. In the case of Gang of Four, and many of Rivette’s films, it is through a conspiracy theory, and Champetier emphasizes this with sensual, moody lensing and propensity for a color palette drenched in reds, amber, gold, and musty browns, giving off a foreshadowing feeling that a violent act will occur.
July 27, 2018
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After Gang finished, I was left with a sense that it was all a little practiced—less joyous than Va savoir, less risky than Duelle or Noroît, less mystical and lush than The Story of Marie and Julien, less commanding than L’Amour fou and Out 1: Spectre. After seeing the earlier Love on the Ground a few days later, I felt compelled by a bit of Rivette-esque frenzy… They seemed to riff off each other cleanly and easily.
January 30, 2007
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Working from the outside in, Rivette and his actresses transform these vacant shells of people into tragically flesh-and-blood human beings. If we respond to their contrived camaraderie (as any cinemagoer is wont to do), our reactions are nonetheless tempered and kept in check by the very fact of the characters’ humanity, which is revealed slowly and disturbingly, layer by layer.
December 15, 2006
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