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Good-Bye, Chicago

Regie Óscar Alves
Portugal, 1978
Avantgarde, Komödie, Kurzfilm

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The last film directed by Óscar Alves was devised to open the show of the same name at the Scarllaty Club in 1978. It’s a fictional version of the perilous events of the weeks that preceded it, events that resulted in the show which the audience was about to see live on stage.

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Good-Bye, Chicago Regie Óscar Alves

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  • josé neves's rating of the film Good-Bye, Chicago

    In the post-revolution Portuguese cinema, this filmmaker (together and collaborating with João Paulo Ferreira, via Cineground), was a special case, both in artistic and discursive terms. Clearly queer and camp, in an adverse cinematography to such pretensions, provided the possibility of an avant-garde that Jack Smith, for example, was in the 60s: a provocative party that was also a new cinematic expressivity.

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