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Bewertungen & Beurteilungen

  1. Adam Kustura's rating of the film Haider

    My main problem with this film is that there are some questionable soundtrack moments throughout the film where the music just doesn't fit the scene or film at all and take you out of the experience completely. Otherwise this film is very good; Shahid and Tabu were excellent.

  2. RBCrickmar's rating of the film Haider

    A superb and startling Hindi adaptation of Hamlet that is set and shot on location within Kashmir. Features a stirring musical number at the point where Hamlet confirms to Claudius that he knows about how his father died; the scene even incorporates some giant puppet theatre. The end of the film is powerful, in the bluntness of its political message; although the director avoided thanking the Indian Army.

  3. Mimzilla's rating of the film Haider

    I like Shahid Kapoor's crazy side.

  4. Trunfos's rating of the film Haider

  5. Taufan Gio's rating of the film Haider

    Shahid Kapoor at his best. I love the cinematography of this movie, it also captures Kashmir at its beauty.

  6. Vijeta Budhiraja's rating of the film Haider

    I love watching Shakespeare adaptations and Haider adapts Hamlet, my favourite. Set in Kashmir during a turbulent period, the first half doesn't allow you to blink. Kashmir is gorgeous, although strife-torn, Tabu is mesmerising, and a glimpse into Kashmir is astonishing. Film is magical in bringing emotions across, so is Haider. Hamlet in the mix, though, is conflicting. Great watch still. DrKiRuh: goosebumps mmt!

  7. linuskendall's rating of the film Haider

    Adaptation of Hamlet set in the 90s Kashmir. Beautifully shot, with occasional nice moments (especially in the first half), but a disappointing second half, ending and (very unnecessary) final credits.

  8. Addy K.'s rating of the film Haider

    Vishal Bhardwaj is the closest thing India has to Quentin Tarantino. With HAIDER, he adapts Hamlet and sets the story in Kashmir where militants, poets and army are all guilty of the same kind of madness. The words "freedom" and "revenge" are thrown around with reckless abandon, but there is enough passion and sardonic humor to gloss over a preposterous third act. DP Pankaj Kumar's (SHIP OF THESEUS) work is stellar.