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Regie Amy Scott
USA, 2018

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Hal Ashby’s obsessive genius led to an unprecedented string of Oscar-winning classics. But as contemporaries Coppola, Scorsese and Spielberg rose to blockbuster stardom in the 1980s, Ashby’s uncompromising nature played out as a cautionary tale of art versus commerce.

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Hal Regie Amy Scott
Scott barely considers the discrepancy between these revelations and Ashby’s humanist cinematic vision, choosing to focus on the films. The result is an unsatisfying human study, albeit a successful overview of Ashby’s work.
November 08, 2018
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The ever-changing mix of personalities that defined Ashby’s generally shapeless films is poorly explained.
September 07, 2018
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It’s a consistently engaging trip. Ms. Scott has assembled a nice, fairly well-rounded group to testify on her subject’s behalf.
September 06, 2018
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