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Halloween - Die Nacht des Grauens


USA, 1978
Horror, Thriller, Kultfilm

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In der Kleinstadt Haddonfield, Illinois, versucht eine jugendliche Babysitterin eine Halloween-Nacht des unaufhaltsamen Terrors zu überleben, in der ein Messer schwingender Irrer es auf die Hormon geschüttelte Jugend der Stadt abgesehen hat.

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Halloween - Die Nacht des Grauens Regie John Carpenter
The original “Halloween” always struck me as an experimental art film in a bloody exploitation mask. John Carpenter’s relentlessly terrifying masterpiece about babysitters and the murderous Michael Myers has been imitated, paid homage to and remade (an update of the original opens Friday) so many times since its premiere in 1978 that its radicalism is easy to overlook.
October 17, 2018
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It should be remembered a primo model of stripped down simplicity… The film’s greatest sophistication is that it trains you how to watch and gooses you accordingly: each darkened doorway or window becomes a conscious red herring, a place where danger could come from. Like rock and roll, it’s a formula that sounds so easy, but only the purest of its practitioners can get it right.
October 31, 2017
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[Michael Myers would] make his face go blank and then he’d sort of sway faintly from side to side, to suggest “unhurried walking.” The movie takes its cues from Michael’s walk. It is directed by Carpenter in thoughtfully composed CinemaScope frames, in takes that are often quite long by modern horror cinema standards, with a simple, synthesized score that’s deliberately, monotonously repetitious and enormously effective for that very reason
October 13, 2015
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