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Handicapped Future

Behinderte Zukunft?

Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 1971
Dokumentarfilm, Fernsehfilm

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A documentary about the status of handicapped people in West Germany.

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Handicapped Future Regie Werner Herzog

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  • suede's rating of the film Handicapped Future

    8/10. I'm amazed at how neglected this doc is, compared to LAND DES SCHWEIGENS UND DER DUNKELHEIT. Clearly they are 1971 sibling pieces. This contains more Q&A footage (with gently probing Herzog audible off-camera) and voice-over explanations (spoken by the wonderful Rolf Illig again). But that's because the material requires it. I liked how Werner persisted in making interviewees talk about the disrespect for them.

  • Adam Whybray's rating of the film Handicapped Future

    3.5 stars. Herzog would later condemn this socially conscious doc as "dangerously conventional", which is to say that it's more concerned with what can be done to make lives better for disabled persons than with ecstatic truth. As demonstrated by 'Noone Will Play With Me' Herzog is a marvel with children, interviewing them w/ non-patronising curiosity. Many of the adults seen project their own neuroses onto them.

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