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Bewertungen & Rezensionen

  1. Gilberto Tedeia's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Filme que manifesta a possibilidade de falar e pensar sobre a morte, real ou fantasiada, tendo como ardil ser um filme sendo rodado dentro do filme. Filme situa-se dentro de uma das “pauta-Mubi”, aquela que foca trabalhos girando em torno de algum rincão nos países bálticos às voltas com traumas de guerra, aqui a oscilar entre o nonsense, docudrama e fantástico.

  2. Scott Manley Hadley's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    a perfect, beautiful, mess of a film; too much going on, not enough going on; constantly watchable, though definitely flawed; ambitious, engaging; a recent highlight on here imo

  3. mis marg's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Bringing anxiety on his feared situation, Joachim becomes a narcissistic pain in the tale. The engineered two, projected, supposed relatives of the deceased (who he reckons he was) seem created in translation by Alice who has an obvious hx in the country herself. Touching and spooky entering the haunted Bosnia. One intended reacts v badly. Finished finally and now for just 50, leaving-tomorrow, Indian films, argh!

  4. Mark's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    unsettling, funny, weird, poignant - mock doc parody / critique. I thought it was brilliant,but can easily see how others could find it crass.

  5. Tja's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    A tale of exploration of reincarnation and the Bosnian war, but hardly 'high concept' or 'unbound from convention,' as Mubi has it. Just a bit depressing really.

  6. ayyy_lidh's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Some rather poetic moments but the shifting tones/styles work against any message (meta or otherwise) Rapin tries to relay

  7. Hugo's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Fascinating and beautiful film about acknowledging the past and the mistakes you did, making peace with it all and learning to move on, with Bosnia and the horrors of war as the setting. I manages to combine absurdist comedy with thoughful drama, and its plot reveals more layers and becomes more unpredictable as it goes on. Warmly recommended.

  8. Guilherme Tristão Martins da Rocha's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    O início é instigante: um parisiense pode ser a reencarnação de um sérvio, assassino e torturador, que morreu no dia em que ele nasceu. Os problemas do filme: amigos resolvem filmar a procura do morto; eles não agem de modo racional para achá-lo; e começam a criar pistas que o rapaz, crédulo, aceita. O positivo é o testemunho do drama ali vivido e o papel que ele vai encarnar para si e para uma das mulheres do lugar.

  9. Daniele Cinemaniaco's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Riflessione profonda sulle narrazioni e la loro capacità di produrre realtà. Il meccanismo di vedere la troupe che gira un finto documentario è perfetta per lo scopo e mostra come la stessa cosa possa essere narrata e compresa in modi diversi. Il film ribalta spesso i piani giocando con quello che si vede e la finzione che vuole raccontare, raggiungendo l'apice nel finale.

  10. Charlotte's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    This multi-faceted narrative is delicately compelling, with every character superbly cast and written, with the depth and complexity of humanity at the heart of each. The intimate-docu-style lens we engage with this story through is at times weak and under-explored. Whereas, in other moments the style is tightly pursued, giving us an intimate and nuanced perspective.

  11. jsbrocka's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    The director's juxtaposition of a man's narcissistic search for an imaginary ghost vis-à-vis the real ghosts of war-torn Bosnia seemed like a masterful statement on how blind the privileged are to the bigger issues of the world. Unfortunately, the ending only seemed to show how the director suffered from the same conceit that her "high-concept art" was a grand enough golem to hold the restless spirits of a genocide.

  12. t's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    curious to see what she writes/directs next. the film is grotesque on so many levels, including (me) watching a meta-take on Bosnia-Hercegovina...trying to glean whatever about the way people live then/now excluded from EU. After massacre.The stony hills. Best dialogue is kept for the widows & the director as she directs ‘Z’ loved one on how to act toward his ‘wife’ poignant mix of truth ‘n lie

  13. chanandre's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    [MUBI] The way a faux fiction becomes a real-life thing. Those giant shell-strikes on the sides of buildings in Servia. The "we're not doing a movie" whilst doing a movie. The actor inhabited by the spirit of a dead (yet living) lost soul. A criminal (are there criminals during war?) that had a family and was loved back. A quite unexpected ride. The bobsleigh circuit marking the separation between mines and theirs.

  14. Tom's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    There is much humour within the melancholy. An ambitious project indeed and Rapin is a director to watch out for. Haenel delivers as always.

  15. Minh Duc Nguyen's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Interestingly filmed ... I liked that. The narrative is a bit absurd in my opinion.

  16. Min's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Surprisingly, the film works. The film starts off a little rocky, with some suspension of disbelief, but things peter out and sorta work by the end. It's the actors' performances that make it work. Good job.

  17. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Although not great, Heroes Don't Die has a number of moments that make some interesting points about identity, history, and family, and the cast do their best with the uneven script.

  18. msmichel's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Under written and under realized film from director Rapin concerning reincarnation, loyalty and the legacy of war. Haenel makes an impression even with a poorly written character but the rest of the cast fail to connect. The handheld conceit fails terribly.

  19. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

  20. Ingrid's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Casting and location are brilliant, very well tunned. Very interesting and intriguing premise, however, it felt to me it lost its potential power as a story halfway through it. Haenel's lines at the end to Joachim were beautiful and for me, it made the whole 85min worth it. But it feels isolated from the rest, especially because the relationship between these two characters wasn't clear to me. Strong idea though.

  21. Romeo Bidar's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    I found picturing Islamic customs in a European country and reminiscences of its war was interesting. However the parallel story fell really short in adding much along the way!

  22. John Grech's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Had high hopes for this film but it failed to live up to the expectation.

  23. Sasha's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

  24. André Moncaio's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die