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Bewertungen & Beurteilungen

  1. Liam's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    An interesting watch that seemed to not want to commit to a philosophical question. Nothing came of the questioning put towards Adele's character of her filming things, and connecting the story to the war didn't seem necessary or that it added anything to the film. The inclusion of the war felt like a mere acknowledgement, or a setting, that didn't contribute to the narrative. Very much enjoyed it though.

  2. Paolo's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

  3. leot's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    hipster kids go to western europe for dealing with one of them's personal drama, without empathizing (sometimes being disrespectful) with local ways of understanding or living life. not very far from some real situations, actually. curious dialogs, great acting, interesting images. strange and sometimes weak narrative, though

  4. Martín Gil Navarro's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Funciona muy bien como comedia. Y más allá de eso, está bien trabajada la idea del "inventarse una historia".

  5. Juan's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Una absoluta pérdida de tiempo.

  6. Pepita's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    “Raccontarsi una storia è meglio della vita stessa" A dirlo è una donna che ha perduto tutti gli uomini della sua vita in guerra, cogliendo così il senso di un viaggio “eroico" alla ricerca della prova tangibile dell’esistenza della reincarnazione pur di rendere più accettabile la certezza di un addio. Una prova di "meta-cinema” in cui il narratore subentra alla storia narrata per ricordarci che ne siamo artefici.

  7. Camilo's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    buena actuación,buena fotografía y me sorprendió el inteligente y creativo modo de presentar la temática de la reencarnación

  8. Clara's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    The form might be the strength and the weakness of this film, which despite having a powerful idea doesn't always deliver.

  9. Microfilm's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    La película tiene un argumento válido, sin embargo, poco a poco pierde valor a medida que avanza el metraje. El ritmo es irregular y las actuaciones bastantes discretas.

  10. patchwork's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Un uomo, malato di cuore, crede di essere la reincarnazione di un fantomatico soldato bosniaco. Parte assieme a una sua amica documentarista e ad una troupe che filmerà il viaggio alla ricerca della verità. Esordio registico dalle premesse interessanti (il timore della scomparsa, l'egotismo sentimentale occidentale rapportato a tragedie più grandi) ma che strada facendo si sfilaccia, perdendo direzione e senso.**1/2

  11. NCMBianchi's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    [More like 3.5] The first part of the movie looks to me as what I imagine the backstage of a “Cinéma du réel” movie to look like. Yet as the movie goes on, it seems like the characters themselves want to fight the story that would be expected. Amazingly shot, and subtly getting into a very intimate portrayal of death.

  12. Valentina D'Annunzio's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    There are so many things to say about this film that I don't know what to say. I liked it, I found it so unique in style, so brilliant, so easy going and at the same time deep. Very peculiar way to make a movie, it would have not worked if it was not made in this way. UPDATE FEW MONTHS LATER: I forgot it. I remember some scenes and the style but not really the emotions it gave me. I removed one star.

  13. Mitch's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Very strange idea for a movie, yet it almost works.

  14. Louis Robert's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Being so conceptual narratively that it gets annoying. Also, unlikable characters. Just stick to telling a good, digest story please.

  15. Naishadh Parmar's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    It absolutely doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

  16. seakat's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    El inicio es increíble, te sumerges en la historia casi de inmediato. Se conoce muy poco acerca del protagonista como para poder valorar su despropósito en la vida que lo orilla a buscar un origen o destino falso. Esta película no es un thriller, ni un documental, ni un road trip. Igual que el personaje de Adèle hace las cosas a su deseo.

  17. Giulia's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Good old western kids trying to find the meaning of life and death while visiting countries devastated by war, coming back relieved in their white western privilege spirit. Please let all the young Balkans film directors tell this story. Interesting on the reincarnation and heart sickness themes tho, I like the way she lets him have his grave.

  18. Simon Kokula's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    The lie has once more successfully claimed its place in film. Even better: the vertiginous postmodernity of the contested narration is willingly created by a heroine, striking in the terms of an old (fashioned) feministic myth: the lying woman as deceiver – and as deceiver of the religious man. The christian nightmare in a setting of pure progressiveness. The usurper shouts: "filme-le !" – and the men obey.

  19. L.'s rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    E' quasi una catarsi quella che cerca di compiere Joachim. Ci si può realmente reincarnare? E' possibile affrancarsi dalla guerra? Gli eroi non muoiono mai, forse è vero, come è vero che la guerra in Bosnia, per chi l'ha vissuta, è una ferita impressa sulla pelle. La guerra è un abito rimasto appeso trentacinque anni alla gruccia in un armadio, la liberazione è un ultimo bacio per chi è capace di tornare dalla morte.

  20. Eamon's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    There is a lot about Heroes Don't Die that is quite ambitious, with its intense mystery combining with an exploration of how even the documentary format can give way to narrative concerns, and although it maybe never gels together as successfully as you might wish for, Aude Lea-Rapin deserves credit for aiming high.

  21. Elliott M's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Two brilliant pieces of acting in a strange, strange film. The performances and camera work quickly wrap you in for, what I think is a great tale to be told, but one that isn't always done well. At the very least, the film bursts with originality and approaches an interesting topic, yet maybe lacks a thorough portrayal of that.

  22. Phoebe Mycroft's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    A very difficult film to review. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening scenes; the acting was captivating, the premise was original, and the filming style was pleasant. Unfortunately, as the film went on, whilst these components still held my attention, the story began to take a different shape and left me as a viewer a little disappointed. An enjoyable film, but slightly unsatisfying for my taste.

  23. Ogi's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    Decent idea, acting and even direction and photography at some points but overall, film fails to deliver, mainly on its story and what exactly is trying to communicate to the viewer.

  24. Ronin's rating of the film Heroes Don't Die

    A brave effort by Rapin, her talented cast and crew that did not quite come together. Interesting reincarnation idea that could have been exploited more subtly and effectively and can sympathise with those who see this as a cynical war/tragedy exploitation, although I doubt that was the director's intent. Enjoyed Adèle Haenel's performance within the limits of her script. Look forward to Rapin's future works.