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Hickey & Boggs

Regie Robert Culp
USA, 1972
Krimi, Drama, Thriller

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Two down-on-their luck private investigators accept a routine request to locate a missing woman, little knowing they will be sent scrambling for their lives in a sizzling, violent underworld caper involving a $400,000 cache from an old robbery.

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Hickey & Boggs Regie Robert Culp


Everything in Hickey & Boggs seems sick of the Los Angeles sun. The shitty little paper cups for bad coffee and booze ready to litter the streets; the junky, dented cars with their fading paint jobs… That’s the crummy world we’re immediately placed into by director Robert Culp (with a screenplay by Walter Hill), purposely and powerfully emphasizing an existential despair that clings to these characters like decades of smoke tarring an addict’s lungs.
April 19, 2017
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Hickey & Boggs is torn between a devotion to genre routine and a willingness to strike out its own weirder, more personal path… Culp’s work is sturdy and confident, but he more or less approaches Hill’s script as a straightforward procedural; the film lacks the obsessive edge that might have elevated it to the poetic realm that’s occupied by Hill’s best films.
December 07, 2014
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