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USA, 1970
Dokumentarfilm, Fernsehfilm

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Daily activities of the Metropolitan Hospital in New York City. The cases depicted illustrate how medical expertise, availability of resources, organizational considerations and the nature of communication among the staff and patients affect the delivery of health care.

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Hospital Regie Frederick Wiseman
Before I began my own rotation at Metropolitan E.R., a friend passed me a copy of Wiseman’s Hospital (70). I watched in awe as a man on mescaline was fed ipecac, projectile regurgitating for what seemed forever. He yells, “Somebody in the park gave it to me!” He begs the staff to play calming music. It is as hilarious as it is touching—particularly when played in one’s mind over “Yakety Sax.” Wiseman gives us such moments frequently, the gravity inextricable from the levity.
May 13, 2016
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With extraordinary access to trauma centers and operating rooms in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Hospital, [Wiseman] finds doctors saving lives with methods that require a strong stomach to witness. The film presents the human element of medicine—including the medical effects of urban life—and the seemingly superhuman contact with organs and wounds, which seems to put doctors in a world apart.
October 05, 2015
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Documenting “do no harm” gone ad nauseam, Hospital is one of Wiseman’s great institutional portraits and great records of empathy… Hospital remains revealing, moving, and enduringly present.
June 10, 2015
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