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Feuer im Blut

Hot Blood

Regie Nicholas Ray
USA, 1956
Drama, Musical

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Stephen Torino (Cornel Wilde), who is tricked by his brother Marco (Luther Adler) into an arranged marriage with tempestuous Annie Caldash (Jane Russell). Annie is willing to give the union a go, but Torino wants none of it.

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Feuer im Blut Regie Nicholas Ray


So one may well regret that Nicholas Ray did not feel called upon to deal more trenchantly with a situation and characters which might have made Hot Blood a less anodyne work. No reservations are necessary, however, in praising the deliberate and systematic use of the gaudiest colours to be seen in the cinema: barely-sugar orange shirts, acid-green dresses, violet cars, blue and pink carpets.
February 01, 1957

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