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Ich bin Susanne

I Am Suzanne!

USA, 1933
Musical, Liebesfilm

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Tony Malatini, a puppeteer, is in love with Suzanne, a dancer whose career seems to be over when she’s injured in a fall. She starts out dominated by a manager who not only tries to force her to marry him, but takes all credit for her success, claiming “I am Suzanne!”

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Ich bin Susanne Regie Rowland V. Lee


The excitable punctuation mark of its title instantly signaling the delirium to follow, I Am Suzanne! (1933), populated by an enormous cast of marionettes, will give pupaphobes night terrors. This bizarre pre-Code musical melodrama, directed and co-scripted by Rowland V. Lee—the other screenwriter, Edwin Justus Mayer, would collaborate nine years later with Ernst Lubitsch on the screwball paragon To Be or Not to Be—exists in the same uncanny valley where Hans Bellmer romped.
January 27, 2015
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The most notorious of [Lilian Harvey’s] four Hollywood forays is Fox’s I Am Suzanne!, a deliriously strange 1933 romance that has Harvey battling marionettes for the affections of barrel-chested puppeteer Gene Raymond. Screening in a restored print at MoMA’s To Save and Project festival of film preservation, it showcases Harvey’s song-and-dance talent and Fox’s confusion at how best to utilize it.
October 22, 2013
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What makes the movie so deliciously oddball, apart from little touches like an anthropomorphic dancing snowman, is the way I Am Suzanne! melds childish glee and way-out-there perversion. Watch Harvey’s expression when she’s in the hospital with Raymond adjusting her traction, and maybe you’ll see what the Siren means.
October 18, 2013
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