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Ich war zuhause, aber

Deutschland, Serbien, 2019

Darum geht's

After a 13-year-old student disappears without a trace for a week and suddenly reappears, his mother and teachers are confronted with existential questions that change their whole view of life.

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Ich war zuhause, aber Regie Angela Schanelec
“I Was at Home, But… " creates a space where questions are asked, but rarely answered, where things are suggested and never underlined, and every element—camera placement, music, blocking, sound design—is so deliberate that it pulls you into its vortex, and it makes you submit to its severe rhythms.
February 15, 2020
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Within the stripped-down structure of I Was at Home, But . . . lies a surfeit of feeling. The film boldly demonstrates this gutting observation by Edith Wharton: “Life is the saddest thing there is, next to death.”
February 14, 2020
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The filmmakers that Schanelec draws on for inspiration are all masters of one kind of economy or another. The problem is that Schanelec herself is not. Despite its austere, theory-heavy minimalism, I Was At Home, But… is lopsided and lumpy, filled with longueurs in which the brain begins to check out.
February 12, 2020
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