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Ichi the Killer

Koroshiya 1

Japan, 2001
Action, Komödie, Krimi

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When a mob boss is murdered and his money goes missing, a sadistic yakuza gang member goes searching for the truth and comes face to face with a psychotic assassin.

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Ichi the Killer Regie Takashi Miike


Like PINK FLAMINGOS or SALO, ICHI THE KILLER is an all-time shocker, a movie that presents such extreme content—and so much of it—that you’re likely to watch it with mouth agape.
March 03, 2017
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[The manga source material is] filled from cover to cover with creative acts of violence that are fairly commonplace in Japanese graphic art, but almost inconceivable as live action. That is until Takashi Miike rose to the challenge to bring these crazed visions to the screen, putting his own creativity to the test in pushing cinema to the limits of what it can show and what the audience can endure.
October 24, 2012
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