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Into the Sun - Im Netz der Yakuza

Into the Sun

Regie Mink
USA, Japan, 2005

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Raised by the yakuza, CIA operative Travis Hunter is forced to reenter that perilous underworld, where he discovers a terrorist ring spearheaded by a yakuza leader with ties to the Chinese Mafia.

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Into the Sun - Im Netz der Yakuza Regie Mink

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  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Into the Sun - Im Netz der Yakuza

    At their worst, Steven Seagal's Direct to Video efforts can feel as lethargic as their pony-tailed star. "Into the Sun" at least finds some energy in its Tokyo setting and a host of familiar Asian talent, including former Jackie Chan Stunt Team member Ken Lo and Takao Osawa (Takashi Miike's "Shield of Straw"). He might love it for all the wrong reasons, but it's obvious Japanese culture is near and dear to Seagal.

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