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Insel der neuen Monster

L'isola degli uomini pesce

Italien, 1979
Horror, Sci-Fi

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After their prison barge goes down in the middle of the Caribbean, the doctor on board, Claude de Ross, and a group of convicts washes ashore a remote island where mad scientist Prof. Ernest Marvin is conducting a series of horrific experiments.
(Also known as Island of Mutations.)

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Insel der neuen Monster Regie Sergio Martino


You are the ancient indigenous people of the island on who the scientist (Joseph Cotten) successfully tested his grafts. You retain some intelligence but not the gift of speech. You’re too strong and you tear apart a lot of people. The audience is meant to be very scared by you. Then, it gets used to you. At the end, it can’t care less.
December 26, 1988
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