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Jonas, der im Jahr 2000 25 Jahre alt sein wird

Jonas qui aura 25 ans en l'an 2000

Regie Alain Tanner
Schweiz, Frankreich, 1976

Darum geht's

Documentary-like social and family analysis, based on the lives of eight people who were together in 1968, and found themselves connected with Jonas, a child of that turning-point year for so many, and who will be 25 y-o in the far distant year 2000…

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Jonas, der im Jahr 2000 25 Jahre alt sein wird Regie Alain Tanner


Though the film is littered with dream sequences, it’s no fantasy—each character runs up against challenges that thwart his or her ambitions, reminding viewers of the struggle involved in creating a better world (even on a small scale). At the same time, JONAH is so lively and charming that it’s difficult not to leave the theater in a good mood. It’s also more formally ambitious than the shaggy structure lets on.
June 01, 2018
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