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King Kong Escapes

Kingu Kongu no gyakushû

Japan, USA, 1968
Sci-Fi, Abenteuerfilm

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At the behest of his wealthy benefactress, evil Dr. Who builds a robotic King Kong to retrieve a rare radioactive element. But when the simian machine falters, there’s only one alternative: the real King Kong.

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King Kong Escapes Regie Ishirô Honda


Any initial instinct you might have ridicule it will give way to appreciation. You will laugh at its silliness but also at its audacity, and in time you will admit that its silliness is a form of audacity. Like many Japanese monster films of the era, it is blithely unconcerned with convincing you that anything in its running time could actually happen. As a result, you believe in every frame. You enter the dream.
June 17, 2017
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