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Stolen Affections

La révoltée

Frankreich, 1948

Darum geht's

The ordeal of Françoise who, deceived by her husband, sees her dying child. After a few events in the backdrop of a festival, the husband returns, she pushes him away, driving him to suicide. Another man she thinks she loves is already married.

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Stolen Affections Regie Marcel L'Herbier

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  • josé neves's rating of the film Stolen Affections

    35mm. If Madeleine Renaud had been the protagonist of this film, her character composition would be another and better, although still surrounded by actors of the most outdated dramatic style. And yet, at the beginning, the film evoked the possibility of L'Herbier regain his former formal boldness, but even the structure of intertwined flashbacks does not free the film from the weight of "du papa".

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