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Lady Chatterley

Frankreich, Belgien, 2006
Drama, Liebesfilm, Geschichtsfilm

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In the Chatterley’s country estate, monotonous days follow one after the other for Constance, trapped by her marriage and her sense of duty. During spring, deep in the heart of Wragby forest, she encounters Parkin, the estate’s gamekeeper. The film is their story.

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Lady Chatterley Regie Pascale Ferran


Though none of the three versions of D.H. Lawrence’s tale of a woman’s affair with her impotent husband’s gamekeeper have aged particularly well, Ferran’s adaptation restores its subversive core. Excising the novel’s motor-mouthed, old-fashioned philosophical ramblings and goofy interpretation of a lower-class Midlands accent, the film gives primacy to the physical, both human and environmental.
November 05, 2014
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Ferran wished to avoid the heavy philosophical, moral and political discourse of the final work; what drew her to Lawrence’s draft was its more immediate, livelier sense of erotic intimacy. By enhancing this element, she has made an odd, beguiling, rather sexy film.
September 01, 2007
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