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Las plantas

Chile, 2015

Darum geht's

Inmitten der Verantwortung für den kranken Bruder zu sorgen, finanziellen Nöten und dem Erwachen ihrer Sexualität beginnt Florencia eine Obsession für die Graphic Novel “The Plants” zu entwickeln, die von einer Invasion der Pflanzenseelen in menschliche Körper bei Vollmond handelt.

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Plants Regie Roberto Doveris

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Berlin International Film Festival

2016 | Gewinner: Best Feature Film

2016 | Sonder-Auszeichnung: Generation 14plus - Feature Film

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  • Mary Enna de Soissons's rating of the film Plants

    Delicate, humane, minimal diaglogue beautifully placed ('Sebastien, his name is Sebastien'). Its a painful film dealing with a young woman coming of age in a desperate situation. I loved the unjudgemental and carefully observed description of a young woman experimenting with her sexual power, in the absense of her mother (and the rest of society's) protection and watchful eye. Beautifully shot. Another watch!

  • Jason's rating of the film Plants

    Exquisite digital filmmaking, LAS PLANTAS is seductively enigmatic. Thematically rich and pulsing w/ fertile resonances, it never overplays its hand. It is a vision that could only be accommodated by cinema; it is a field of situations that neither theatre nor literature could enact in this way. Its cliché-averse and quasi-transgressive treatment of a young woman's sexuality at times invokes Catherine Breillat.

  • G x's rating of the film Plants

    I found this to be a peculiar, slightly exasperating feature. Stylistically it shows a lot of promise, with a striking use of camera and light. For me though, It was tonally and narratively unfulfilling. The titular comic connection is underdeveloped, as are Florencia's relationships and a sense of place.

  • DrFirestone's rating of the film Plants

    The film starts promising, the mood is unique and music quite nice too. Some scenes are pleasure to watch. There are multiple ideas used in this film, and the way they are presented and connected together feels rather awkward - we've got a family/social drama, cosplay, comic book/fantasy, thriller, erotism. Even the main theme of Florencia's life and the comic book element are left unexplored. A wasted opportunity?

  • poetboi's rating of the film Plants

    Quiet, thoughtful, meditative and real. A slow film that rewards with its realism and never strays from its role as a portrait of a single character. No unnecessary fluff, just a non-story shot beautifully with a breathtaking ending. Oh, the beauty of humanity. What a sublime piece of cinema. I want to watch it again.

  • Superfrog's rating of the film Plants

    Good scenes, the door scenes are really good. The rythm of the film is a bit slow and I find the lack of inter-meshing for the stories to be somewhat disappointing.

  • Haley's rating of the film Plants

    The cinematography was amazing. The story line and the movie over all was really boring, though. The movie made me a little emotional because I have a friend who has the same health condition as the guy in the wheel chair. It is called "locked in syndrome" and the body is paralyzed but the brain works perfectly fine. You can still hear and understand everything. I can relate to the movie in that way which was cool.

  • Richard Tines's rating of the film Plants

    a slight, understated drama of the adolescent frictions between the dreamworld of childhood and the oft heavy responsibilities and desires/needs of adulthood....2 3/4 *

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