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Last Life in the Universe

Ruang rak noi nid mahasan

Thailand, Japan, 2003
Drama, Liebesfilm

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Kenji is a quiet librarian who seems bent on suicide. That is, until he meets beautiful Noi, who begins to seduce him back to life. A poetic tale about the way fate can bring people together just as their worlds seem on the verge of falling apart.

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Last Life in the Universe Regie Pen-ek Ratanaruang


What truly differentiates Last Life in the Universe from previous films is its confidence and ease that comes without having to overshare or divulge all its secrets to the viewer. And though it lacks Ratanaruang’s typical, gritty texture, its seamlessness achieves a different dimension of realism, opting for intuition rather than tangible facts. Last Life in the Universe, then, is not only a turning point in Ratanaruang’s oeuvre, but also his turning away from the need to be coherent.
August 25, 2016
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