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Regie Jean Vigo
Frankreich, 1934
Liebesfilm, Drama, Komödie

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Die junge Frau eines Schiffsführers ist des eintönigen Lebens an Bord überdrüssig und verläßt heimlich das Schiff. Ein schrulliger Bootsmann spürt sie wieder auf und führt sie zu ihrem Mann zurück.

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Atalante Regie Jean Vigo


L’Atalante has been described “cinema’s greatest ode to heterosexuality”—in that so much of its poetry is generated from the sparks of difference between masculinity and femininity, as conventionally but compellingly evoked by Vigo. It is only this thrill of absolute otherness between the sexes that can allow both the agony of non-alignment between the lovers, and the sublimity of their eventual fusion—as indelibly captured in the nocturnal scene of their mutual, erotic dreaming of each other.
April 14, 2015
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There are movies that put you to sleep, and then there are movies that remind you that you are asleep: Jean Vigo’s cryptically peerless L’ATALANTE, only somewhat recognizable as narrative cinema, sometimes seems as close a document as any of the inspired dreamlife of a modernizing Europe.
July 15, 2011
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One of the supreme achievements in the history of cinema, and its recent restoration, playing this week at the Music Box, offers what is surely the best version any of us is ever likely to see. Yet the conditions that made this masterpiece possible were anything but auspicious.
March 29, 1991
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