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秋日和 | Akibiyori

Japan, 1960

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The great actress and Ozu regular Setsuko Hara plays a mother gently trying to persuade her daughter to marry in this glowing portrait of family love and conflict—a reworking of Ozu’s 1949 masterpiece Late Spring.

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Spätherbst Regie Yasujirô Ozu


A director can really show what he wants without resorting to an appeal to the emotions," Ozu once said. “I want to make people feel without resorting to drama.” LATE AUTUMN is a fine example of this precisely because of its benign bait-and-switch; just as the aforementioned climax fades into smallness, so too does the presumed conclusion. Ozu defies convention as masterfully as he adheres to it, and this late work shows that better than anyone he could tell it.
May 27, 2016
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