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Die mit der Liebe spielen


Italien, Frankreich, 1960
Drama, Mystery

Darum geht's

Vertreter der besseren Gesellschaft begeben sich auf eine Bootsfahrt, auf einer Vulkaninsel kommt ihnen eine Teilnehmerin (und dem Film eine Hauptfigur) abhanden.

Darum sehenswert

Es gibt kein Meisterstück des Arthaus, das seinen Platz im Kanon mehr verdiente als Michelangelo Antonionis L’avventura Mit seiner bewegenden und überwältigenden Komposition ist der Film ein Meilenstein der Kinogeschichte und eine der grundlegendsten Meditationen über die Existenz des Menschen.

Die mit der Liebe spielen Regie Michelangelo Antonioni
It’s been called alienating, but I’m not sure I agree. Alienation is certainly one of its themes, but as a movie — especially seen on a big screen — it’s hypnotic. Antonioni was searching for a new way into the world of the film — one focused on landscape, architecture, gestures and movements. So he pulls you in with those striking compositions, his graceful camera movements, and his attention to sound. And, of course, with his attention to the human face, particularly Vitti’s.
August 15, 2017
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Antonioni’s audacious camera placements (like this divided final composition) cut off or conceal part of the setting, obscure part of a body or a face, or deny the audience the object of a character’s attention. . . And as the characters roam in and around various places, Antonioni’s acute attention to detail puts forth so much in the interior spaces as well as the exterior locales that one contemplates without any clarification their presumed, but by no means obvious, significance.
December 11, 2014
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Though it keeps a cool emotional register, the film is nonetheless revolutionary for its refusal to engage in the conventions expected of it. Bosley Crowther had it right that Antonioni was dealing only with what interested him, but he couldn’t quite come around to the thought that that’s what a great artist does, however much it cuts against the grain. World cinema eventually caught up to L’Avventura, but for a time, it had the rest of cinema choking on its dust.
December 01, 2014
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