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Bewertungen & Beurteilungen

  1. DrFirestone's rating of the film Left on Purpose

    Questionable, controversial, heartbreaking... All of this and so much more - and all true. A deeply humane film about freedom of choice and its consequences. About how our society became disconnected, isolated, and cold despite of things like internet and social media. We lack human contact, emotional bond, ideals besides money and personal success - this is so striking when compared to the flashbacks from the 1960s.

  2. Carolina Gonçalves's rating of the film Left on Purpose

    It's painful to watch how much was being put on camera both from Mayer's and Justin's personal lives. The lack of masks, the sincerity in the problems the director had not to abandon Mayer or the project makes you question everything in terms of human relations. Will we have someone to support us? Will we be there to support others? When do we stop believing in your salvation or in the salvation of others?

  3. Andreea's rating of the film Left on Purpose

    Heartbreaking... It really made me think a lot about how okay I am with people deciding when to end their lives. I was always okay with it when it was about an illness, but what if it is a mental illness? What if it is depression? This film is also about people losing control of their lives and about how devastating loneliness can be...

  4. Seesaw's rating of the film Left on Purpose

    Journey of filmmaking that depends on the conscience of the director as a human being. Like a white termite, the camera discovers the new territory and digests its feeling through the lens. The route is determined by the pitying gaze, yet it is more helpful than just being a spectator.

  5. Ananke's rating of the film Left on Purpose

    A tough journey through one man's depression, self determination and the relationship (and ethics) between a filmmaker and his subject. I'm really up to this kind of topics, but I didn't really buy the director doubt about it. It just felt like he was always making sure that we the audience knew about his ethics problems. Don't try to make yourself the victim when your character is the one suffering.

  6. I.Camera's rating of the film Left on Purpose

    A heartbreaking, brilliant documentary that is both participatory and reflexive, interrogating the ethics of what it means to film another person's life and death. A filmmaker realises that his subject matter, an intelligent, funny but deeply lonely and depressed man, intends to end his life on his own terms, and the man sitting behind the camera must come to grips with how involved he can be with those being filmed.

  7. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Left on Purpose

    Lo que inicia como un documento de un hombre valioso para la època de Vietnam se transforma en una profunda y humana visiòn de la autodeterminaciòn. Con una mesura inusual se debate uno de los tòpicos màs àlgidos: el derecho a suspender la propia vida. Con una càmara muy libre, mùsica de fondo sutil y un respetuoso acercamiento a un mundo que se le derrumba al protagonista, el director nos permite ver el lìmite...

  8. Jérôme's rating of the film Left on Purpose

  9. lesminho's rating of the film Left on Purpose

  10. Laura's rating of the film Left on Purpose

    I would have liked to have learned more about this mans personal achievements throughout his life but nevertheless the focus of the film (that being where he is now on how he feels) is potent, educational and heartbreaking. Life lessons to be learned viewing this film, which I suspect was his intention all along. Thank you

  11. antonis's rating of the film Left on Purpose

    Too much exposure of personal life and details.Mayer had been very needy at his last years and my personal opinion is that he was desparately seeking for someone to hang on.So,Justin,what did you exactly achieve by making this film other than your personal success?The making of this film was directly challenging Mayer about whether he dared to commit suicide or not.This is not the right way to treat depressed people.

  12. craigdesson's rating of the film Left on Purpose

    Beautiful film about growing old and idealism. Wonderful editing and shooting too.