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Unsere Idole

Les idoles

Frankreich, 1968
Musical, Komödie

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1968 French musical satire of the yé-yé music, based on the successful play of the same name. Clémenti, Ogier and Kalfon reprise their roles, as does original playwright Marc’o (Marc-Gilbert Guillaumin).

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Unsere Idole Regie Marc-Gilbert Guillaumin


This barely describable kooky and campy pop culture pastiche told through theatre, music, costumery and more begins on stage as three actors present themselves as music idols in truly mad outfits and singing sync sound to a live backing band… The actual content of this, the drama and the music, is resolutely in the mode of pastiche, meaning it doesn’t really stand on its own, even if its execution is both unexpectedly committed and well-intentioned.
August 10, 2015
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