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Let's Get Lost

Regie Bruce Weber
USA, 1988
Dokumentarfilm, Musical, Biografie

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Sein virtuoses Trompetenspiel und sein gefühlvoller Gesang machten Chet Baker in den 1950er Jahren zu einer Legende des Jazz. Regisseur Bruce Weber begleitete Chet Baker lange Zeit mit der Kamera, interviewte ihn, seine Lebensgefährten, Kollegen, Bewunderer und verletzten Herzen.

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Let's Get Lost Regie Bruce Weber

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Venice Film Festival

1988 | Gewinner: Cinecritica Award

1989 | Gewinner: Critics' Prize

Academy Awards

1989 | Nominiert: Best Documentary, Features


The film is comprised of recent takes of Baker in the studio, and with friends (notably––?––Flea), alongside old footage of the Steve Allen show and other enigmatic performances. The friendly anecdotes and weary insight from ex-friends and -lovers provide a beautiful catharsis from Baker’s volatile life, which ended months before the movie’s premiere.
August 05, 2015
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By this time, the youthful Baker had already established a reputation as a jazz trumpeter of some promise, and later in the same review, Williams concedes that as an improvising musician, he has a “fragile, melodic talent” that is “his own,” even if he “has hardly explored it.” The same strictures might apply to Let’s Get Lost, Bruce Weber’s spellbinding (if simpleminded) black-and-white documentary about the life, times, and last days of Chet Baker.
July 21, 1989
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  • El Biffo's rating of the film Let's Get Lost

    Bruce Weber made his bones as a fashion photographer, and shot this bio in a style very similar to the way he shot his Calvin Klein advertisements. But the CK ads were lovely iconic photos, and this film is a pleasure to watch. He also includes the work of another great photographer who shot Chet Baker in the 50's, as well as archival footage. Sad and beautiful.

  • Endless Eye's rating of the film Let's Get Lost

    "Let's Get Lost" is a brilliant documentary film for several reasons. One of the truly effective aspects however is the cutting between the B&W stock footage of Baker in his prime, and the seamless cutting back to Baker in the 80's, broken yet charming, on death's door. The fact that everything is shot black and white 16mm, gives the movement between past and present a transcendent quality handled with great care.

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Let's Get Lost

    Passionnant docu sur la vie du célèbre trompettiste et chanteur blanc Chet Baker qui défraya la chronique dans les années 50. Le film décrit l’itinéraire du musicien, de l’Oklahoma à la Californie, de New York à l’Europe. Famille, amis et musiciens du mouvement jazz de la Côte Ouest font partie du voyage et nous suivons le jazzman jusqu’en 1987, un an avant sa mort. Autre musique, autre rythme, Chet, un Grand.

  • mpho3's rating of the film Let's Get Lost

    "The reason LGL remains powerful even now, when every value it represents is gone, is [because it] deal[s] w/ the mysterious, complicated emotional transactions involved in the creation of pop culture and the ambiguous process by which performers generate desire. Baker isn’t so much the subject of LGL as its pretext, the front man for Weber’s meditations on image making and its discontents." - T. Rafferty, NYTimes

  • joey Noodles's rating of the film Let's Get Lost

    I think to watch this film without previously being a fan of Chet Baker's music would be sort of missing the point, this is film that requires a certain compassion. It's a devastatingly honest, intimate and painful documentary, one which never holds a facade in front of our face to conceal the truth of the man in question. Difficult, very very difficult, but certainly a great film. 5/5

  • Tara Violet's rating of the film Let's Get Lost

    this was so very beautiful and poetic, both aesthetically and mood-wise. wonderfully put together, very moving; it really breaks the boundaries of documentary films for it's not merely a static informative piece but an exploration. I feel that I got to know Chet Baker through the film; he was a tortured soul and dark but also enormously talented.

  • Pedro Ponte's rating of the film Let's Get Lost

    Jazz artists can be self-destructive rock-stars, too. A beautifully sad documentary, as per Chet's music.

  • Zac Weber's rating of the film Let's Get Lost

    As it's said in the film, you hear Chet's voice and trumpet and simply forget about the physical frailty the defined much of his adult life. The high contrast black-and-white photography seems like the perfect choice to capture the dichotomy between Chet Baker the musician and Chet Baker the man. One of the greatest portraits of jazz ever put on screen.

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