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Ein Brief aus Sibirien

Lettre de Sibérie

Regie Chris Marker
Frankreich, 1958

Darum geht's

Das lyrische Filmessay verbindet die Form einer Korrespondenz mit verschiedenen Stilelementen, dokumentiert Markers Reise nach Sibirien und offenbart erstmals seine charakteristische Erzählweise.

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Ein Brief aus Sibirien Regie Chris Marker


Implicitly, explicitly, no easy categorization for this monster-mass Siberia on our planet can be told. Marker in Letter from Siberia — his letter — allows the escalation of the fortitude of thought to jump from the “epistolary” which was always just a feint past the framing “film”-form itself! — Letter from Siberia is films within films! Animated films about the woolly mammoths, with voice-over written by Marker in terrible (he knew it) English pentameter! — the peril of the rhinoceroses!
May 11, 2017
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One effect of the relay Bazin describes—that slight lag between sensory organs—is something I always associate with (and appreciate about) Marker’s style: a delay that gives slow readers like myself an extra beat to process the beginnings of a verbal idea before I take in the associated image.
January 01, 2013
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I cannot stop myself from thinking that “culture” is precisely Letter from Siberia, seen now, afterward, when Marker and all the others associated with it have gone “home”—that is, gone away from the project. No one leaves things entirely behind, and the traces, what we carry with us when we have “gone home,” constitute the culture we work with and understand.
September 19, 2012
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