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  1. Rafael Zen's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    There are films I like better as an idea than the experience itself and Liquid Sky is one of them. Although enjoying its overall mood and how it portraits a scene, it gets very repetitive. Because of that it loses freshness midthrough. Crazy, gender binding, artsy and post-modern? Hell yeah. Still not my cup of heroin though.

  2. Renton47's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    Got to rewatch last night with some virgin-viewers from the position of preparedness. "But it would be so easy to re-edit into cohesion!". Seemed to me considerably richer, having a minor breakdown watching an actor screw they(?)self in drag but needing to look in a mirror to finish the act. No one film can do justice to the myriad of culture, but this one gets pretty close.

  3. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    Acid-camp nihil-chic of an aggressively obliterative order, Liquid Sky is an expertly assembled assault, punctuated by pulsing, NDW-style Fairlight-miniatures. Visually as well as thematically, it's both distorted and disciplined, outrageous and austere. Enjoyable, clearly, as a choice relic of New Wave psychotronica, it can also be appreciated as something more: a glorious "fuck you" to glory, and fucking, and you.

  4. Graveyard Poet's rating of the film Liquid Sky

  5. ejonline's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    I'm not sure why, but in my circles there seemed to be a decision you had to make - are you Team Repo Man or Team Liquid Sky? I adored Repo Man, so I'm sure I was predisposed to dislike this movie before I even saw it. However, I'd still argue that Repo Man is genius, and this movie is not. My sons are also movie fans, and so I see evidence that movie rivalries still happen. That's stupid, but it makes me happy.

  6. Sneerwell's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    Meyerhold's biomechanics serving as a rythmic carcass to the ravaging glam punk New York scene, simplistic and haunting soundtrack along with absolutely mesmerizing Anne Carlisle make it such a blast!

  7. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Liquid Sky

  8. Benjamin Reid's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    Quintessential no wave cinema about a UFO seeking heroin and orgasms. A singular film experience. Very trippy. How the hell did Anne Carlisle and Slava Tsukerman not become huge after this? Also, the weird soundtrack is one of the greatest of all time (the "me and my rhythm box" scene!!). It is a bit of a hard sell because a lot of it is really disturbing, but it certainly uses its violence with feminist intentions.

  9. dionysus67's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    Neon-lit phantasmagoria, this cult 80s sci-fi revels in the drug culture of postmodern urbanity, the fashion extravaganza of post-punk, new wave subcultures and the androgynous sexual experimentation that generated the contemporary fascination for hybridity. The attractive aesthetic disintegrates quickly due to the hocus pocus narrative, yet leaving a sense of the undescribable in the odd proceedings. A curiosity.

  10. Seesaw's rating of the film Liquid Sky

  11. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    I kinda loved this. It's a mess of pacing, but has a gritty, no-f&*^s brashness about it that I found impossible to dismiss. It may also be a potent witness to sexual abuse PTSD, but laced with heroin, aliens, androgyny, and new wave cultural posturing. Its daring and desire stick with you.

  12. Vera Kavaleuskaya's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    or maybe 3,5 it could be perfect without the last 10 minutes

  13. Rocco's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    A bonafide counterculture masterpiece that seems to encapsulate the New Wave of the 1980s while still feeling completely timeless and not of this earth. A film about feeling trapped (by drugs, by gender, by sex) with a chillingly prescient death-by-fucking angle. Carlisle’s androgynous Margaret embracing abduction by invisible extra-terrestrials is the Cinderella story as a balm to the nihilism of the era.

  14. ñiñiñi's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    toda esa violencia hacia la chica, no se que pienso al respecto

  15. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    If only all the assholes I have fucked were vaporized after orgasming.

  16. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Liquid Sky

  17. El Biffo's rating of the film Liquid Sky

  18. Rūdolfs R. Vītoliņš's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    Very beautiful and strange movie abut aliens in New York fashion/heroin scene who are trying to get human endorphins produced by the brain when an orgasm occurs, unfortunately humans die in the process. During the August Putsch of 1991, Gorbachev, who was under house arrest in Crimea, watched this film.

  19. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    I was wild about this movie when it first came out. I thought it had everything...brains, lunacy, beauty. I don't know if it holds up but I have to see it again.

  20. Juurakkotukka's rating of the film Liquid Sky

  21. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Liquid Sky

  22. Robert smith's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    Incredible sets, costumes, music. Pretty insane plot too, made me pretty fucking embarrassed to have a penis to be honest. Amazing stuff.

  23. polkasan's rating of the film Liquid Sky

  24. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Liquid Sky

    Saw a new pressing of the soundtrack (vinyl, of course) not long ago, and felt a Proustian rush.

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