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Love and a .45

USA, 1994
Krimi, Drama, Action

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Watty has made a living out of robbing convenience stores, but after one of these job turned into murder by his partner, the psychopath Billy Mack, he is on the run with his fiancé Starlene and with both Billy Mack, the police and some loansharks on his trail.

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Love and a .45 Regie C.M. Talkington


I call Love and a .45 shambling because it exudes a certain studied indifference: the joke lines are deliberately lame. The actors seem to be in it mainly for a lark. Every character seems to be some variety of deep-dish Southern moron. And the plot lazily lurches drunkenly from one violent, blood-soaked improbability to the next.
April 01, 1995
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