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Japan, 1993

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Kurosawa’s final film is a tribute to Hyakken Uchida (Tatsuo Matsmura), an educator and writer of enormously popular aphoristic stories. Based on Uchida’s writings, the film pieces a narrative together with distinct episodes—anecdotes and parties, ceremonies and celebrations.

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Madadayo Regie Akira Kurosawa


Madadayo has the expressionistic simplicity of Kurosawa’s other late films, their distillation and intensity of emotion; one of the lengthiest episodes, about the loss of the hero’s cat, is especially powerful. There’s something undeniably hermetic and at times sluggish about the film’s style, but the sheer freedom of the discourse is comparable in some ways to late Buñuel, and the film shares his poignant sense of wonder.
March 01, 1998
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