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Me Too

Ya tozhe khochu

Russland, 2012

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Four passengers (Bandit, his friend Matvei, Matvei’s old father, Musician, and his beautiful girlfriend) rush in a huge black jeep along an empty road in search of the “Bell Tower of Happiness.”

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Me Too Regie Aleksey Balabanov


The profundity of a country with a constitutional aversion towards banality, the reluctance to compromise, and a surprising, selfless generosity is encapsulated in a film that is disarmingly simple and yet ancestral. . . . The pursuit of happiness is of total irrelevance to the protagonists; what is at stake is the unresolved pain of life, which Russians have historically faced with a self-annihilating determination.
June 27, 2018
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You don’t often get a directorial swan song as explicit, or as darkly funny, as the late Aleksei Balabanov’s tenth and final film… Balabanov’s final film might sound like an allegorical critique of the era in question, but it’s also like the last song at the end of the night: various characters utter the film’s title as an almost comically plaintive refrain. As for Balabanov, he apparently had no illusions about what was to come: he plays a director who has been denied entry to the bell tower.
July 14, 2013
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