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Mexiko, Kanada, 2015

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Eine fantastische Geistermythe, die drei Mittdreißiger während des Schlafens beobachtet, beim Träumen und Lesen, beim Empfangen von Gästen in einem Apartment in Mexiko City.

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Minotaur Regie Nicolás Pereda
…Also impressive were two features shot just below the U.S. border. Nicolás Pereda’s Minotaur is set almost entirely within a Mexico City apartment, where three young adults are stricken with a pathological and decidedly bourgeois ennui. Pereda choreographs them – and their put-upon housekeeper – like alienated wanderers in an early Tsai Ming-liang film.
December 16, 2015
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How does one make a film in which nothing ostensibly happens and manage to avoid both boredom and pretentiousness? Nicolas Pereda does so in Minotaur. Set, in Pereda’s words, in “a home of soft light, of eternal afternoons, of sleepiness, of dreams,” the film is neither a study in stasis nor, properly speaking, minimalist. Its comfortable, gutsy wide-screen compositions within a single apartment seem as natural as the ambience and the behavior of its "characters.
September 30, 2015
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It’s a simple but enchanting film, its 55-some minutes are exactly what it needs to stretch a kind of three-page fable into cinematic languor.
September 15, 2015
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