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Die Monster Uni

Monsters University

Regie Dan Scanlon
USA, 2013
Animation, Komödie, Fantasy

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A look at the relationship between monsters Mike Wazowski and James P. ‘Sulley’ Sullivan during their days in university — when they weren’t necessarily the best of friends.

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Die Monster Uni Regie Dan Scanlon
As much you can appreciate all the astounding visual wit (the half-smile a young Mike makes after he impressed everyone with his scream, a batwing mustache, the mosaic tiling of one character’s skin), there’s nothing here as cinematically inspired as the galaxy of doors in the climax of the 2001 original. But the care put into the satire of college life is actually kind of moving.
July 18, 2013
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The fundamental problem with Monsters University is a lack of focus. Uni operates on a much grander scale than Inc — the work that has gone into populating an entire campus with an array of new and ingeniously anthropomorphised characters is staggering — but at the same time it feels far too constricted to its setting.
July 11, 2013
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…Monsters University isn’t interested in breaking new ground. This is a fun little film with a better film struggling to get out – caught between current, child-friendly Pixar and earlier, more grown-up Pixar, just as it’s caught between college and middle school.
July 02, 2013
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