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Regie Jean Epstein
Frankreich, 1931
Dokumentarfilm, Kurzfilm

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Jean Epstein’s short documentary filmed on the Breton island of Sein, which film preservationist and cinephile Henri Langlois called “one of the most beautiful documentaries in the history of French film, a true poem about Brittany and the sea.”

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Mor'vran Regie Jean Epstein


Mor’vran has a recorded sound score, but no dialogue. The title cards provide digestible chunks of information about the archipelago of Breton islands, but also drift into poetry that is closer to the lyrical spirit of the images. Lighthouses are called the eyes of the sea, hinting at their centrality in Epstein’s vision, their lenses and searching beams offering a heroic metaphor for the camera.
January 06, 2014
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