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Mein Essen mit André

My Dinner with André

Regie Louis Malle
USA, 1981

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André und Wally sind gute Freunde. Dennoch repräsentieren sie zwei völlig verschiedene Betrachtungsweisen des Lebens. Während Wally sich durch die Alltagsrealität kämpft, hat André der Gesellschaft den Rücken gekehrt. Bei einem gemeinsamen Essen philosophieren sie über Kunst, Theater und das Leben.

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Mein Essen mit André Regie Louis Malle
Roger Ebert once marveled that the film was entirely devoid of clichés, a feat that has as much to do with its meticulous editing as it does with its script.
August 19, 2015
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My Dinner with Andre doesn’t fit the usual definition of a great movie, but it has an inexhaustible, omnidirectional confidence. It’s the most subliminal piece of magic realism—expansive, incantatory words jousting with monotonous matter—ever put on film. Playing amusingly distilled, intensified versions of themselves, Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn sprang this cantankerous cerebral doubles act—part doleful Vladimir and Estragon, part verbal Laurel and Hardy—on an unsuspecting world in 1981
July 05, 2015
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An improbable sensation (by arthouse standards, anyway) at the time of its release in 1981, My Dinner With André ranks among the most daring conceptual stunts in cinema history… Directed by the late Louis Malle, the film works better than anybody ever thinks it possibly could; as Gregory eloquently recounts his adventures in vivid detail, each viewer’s imagination takes over, and yet the actors’ faces remain a crucial component.
June 17, 2015
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