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Die heiße Spur

Night Moves

Regie Arthur Penn
USA, 1975
Krimi, Mystery, Thriller

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Former footballer and present private detective Harry Moseby gets hired on to what seems a standard missing person case, as an aging Hollywood actress whose only major roles came thanks to being married to a studio mogul wants Moseby to find and return her stepdaughter.

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Die heiße Spur Regie Arthur Penn

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

BAFTA Awards

1976 | Nominiert: Best Actor

New York Film Critics Circle Awards

1975 | Dritter Platz: Best Actor


Although close contemporaries The Long Goodbye (1973) and Chinatown (1974) are lauded more regularly today as exemplary New Hollywood re-imaginings of film noir, Night Moves sits comfortably in such exalted company. . . . The happy confluence of [Penn and screenwriter Alan Sharp’s] artistic interests and abilities on Night Moves marked a joint creative highlight before their respective careers took more uncertain turns.
December 11, 2017
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The plot is secondary to its temperament, desperate and paranoid in its dogmatic, post-Watergate pursuit of the Truth, whatever that may be. Any confusedness, however, is transmogrified by Penn’s direction, as is his style—his is an expression that conquers, even when the triumphs are more subtle than absolute.
December 01, 2017
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[Screenwriter] Sharp simultaneously honors and subverts the conventions of the private-eye flick, teasing out tantalizing story strands but restricting the audience’s perspective to that of the film’s generally clueless protagonist. He also gives Hackman one of the greatest roles of the actor’s storied career: a belligerent, proud, dangerously resourceful hunk of misdirected tenacity.
April 26, 2013
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