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Regie Olga Chajdas
Polen, 2018

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Nina and Wojtek are a couple in a stagnant marriage, desperate to conceive a child. When they randomly meet Magda, Wojtek believes they may have found a suitable surrogate mother. However, the fiercely independent Magda awakens a repressed desire in Nina, causing events to spiral out of control.

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Nina Regie Olga Chajdas

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  • Eilidh's rating of the film Nina

    Really wanted to love this film but I ended up kinda hating it. I feel like most of my issues stem from the way the characters were written and the script itself, as the performances themselves were grand. Some great cinematography but the film could've really done with being half an hour shorter and no attempted rape scenes.

  • Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Nina

    I'm mixed on this film. Chajdas is certainly an assured filmmaker. However, this movie leaves me a little cold. It lacks the affective power of 'Blue is the Warmest' - a difficult comparison to shake considering their similarities. Yet, the performances are good and there are truly powerful moments. Its main issue is that it feels slow: I think either due to not having a full-fleshed world or a magnetic romance.

  • conny's rating of the film Nina

    i enjoyed the stifling unfolding emotions of the characters, the revealing pace. the soft lights and somewhat gloomy atmosphere throughout: the young are hopeful - adults already confused and unfulfilled. the acting was faultless and music unobtrusive. the attempted rape and its reversal was clumsy and heavy handed. it wasnt needed and felt out of character for Wojtek. it spoilt an excellent film, hence the 3 stars.

  • Ted Eames's rating of the film Nina

    A passionate and beautifully built love story that develops from unlikely circumstances. The word 'erotic' is all too often misplaced in cinema reviews, but the real thing is present in this film...summed up in the moment when Nina smells her fingers after her first encounter with Magda. The direction is assured and full of original touches, and the performances of the two leads are perfectly judged.

  • richardm2311's rating of the film Nina

    A powerful debut from Chajdas, "Nina" abounds with stylized, effective editing, two vulnerable central performers, and some truly inspired cinematographic choices. Too bad both the intentional atonality of the score, and a truly subpar third act, work only to thematically derail a sublime story of sexual self-discovery into one only steps above exploitation. Wojtek's sudden dark turn was also a tragic misstep.

  • Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Nina

    Good acting from the three main leads helps to get you through the unsteady opening scenes of this tale of self-discovery, sex, and love. Writer-director Olga Chajdas manages to intersperse the more serious moments with bursts of vibrancy.

  • Monsieur Simon Cinema's rating of the film Nina

    kinda boring actually took me a month to watch