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On Her Shoulders

USA, 2018

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Mobbed by iPhone cameras and pushy reporters, 23-year-old Nadia Murad leads a harrowing but vital crusade: to find the most influential platforms in the world and speak out on behalf of the embattled Yazidi community who face mass extermination by ISIS militants.

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On Her Shoulders Regie Alexandria Bombach

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Sundance Film Festival

2018 | Gewinner: Directing Award: U.S. Documentary

Independent Spirit Awards

2019 | Nominiert: Best Documentary

SXSW Film Festival

2018 | Gewinner: SXSW LUNA® Chicken & Egg Award – Documentary

National Board of Review

2018 | Gewinner: NBR Freedom of Expression Award


Bombach intercuts this rote—albeit compelling—documentary footage with cinematographically striking talking-head sequences of Murad that elucidate a poignant inner-pain. Much like Dreyer [with The Passion of Joan of Arc], Bombach transforms face into landscape.
April 06, 2018
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Interviews woven throughout the film give Murad the opportunity to speak freely about the ongoing plight of Yazidi refugees, the questions she wishes journalists would ask her, and the questions she’d like them to stop asking.
March 29, 2018
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In some ways, Nadia is in an existential trap, like something out of a Greek myth: In order to help her people, she needs to relive her trauma, over and over again. To Bombach’s credit, the film itself doesn’t indulge that trap.
January 26, 2018
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