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One Day or Another

El yazisi

Türkei, 2012

Darum geht's

A humble Anatolian town, 1998… The townsfolk anticipate the arrival of the very first foreign English teacher to their school. As an accidental tourist from France is mistaken for her, the wind of change starts to blow…

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One Day or Another Regie Ali Vatansever

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  • gencorkun's rating of the film One Day or Another

    Oh really? Am I allowed to say it? The crazy wind? So many questions about a movie that tells nothing. I think Cansu Dere peaked her performance in "Aci Ask" and after that a big fall. Can she even be considered as an actress after her performance in this movie? "Let go of your past and start fresh"? Was it the message after my time well wasted? Ok I will stop to avoid any more time being wasted.