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Our Sunhi

U ri Sunhi

Südkorea, 2013
Drama, Komödie

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A young woman returning to her old school to visit her professor also runs into her old boyfriend and her senior, each of whom has a past with her.

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Our Sunhi Regie Hong Sang-soo
There’s a lacerating sense of self-defeat to Our Sunhi, but the bruising ramification of these actions are never felt as deeply as they are in Hong’s most daring works (The Day He Arrives, Woman on the Beach,Night and Day). The drama is a bit too limited in scope in Our Sunhi, as that slight but key sting of regret is not felt by the time Sunhi’s chickens come home to roost. Rather, Hong leaves the film with an eloquently comical and quietly reflexive scenario…
February 17, 2014
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If the psychosexual hang-ups staged by Hong define our contemporary landscape, then it is the world itself, at least a metonymic version of it, that his mise en scène offers us as a series of minute, precisely crafted fragments that overlap and contradict themselves. He recounts small moments that don’t quite add up to a “story”; his limited settings, used in a combination of repetitive variations become a sort of minimalist aleph…
December 17, 2013
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Hong arranges matters so that Sunhi and all three of her suitors cross paths in a park bedecked with autumnal foliage, and the wryly comic results are so deftly handled as to be worthy of a 1930s Lubitsch film.
December 17, 2013
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